Getting Lighter

It's Spring time. Time to go through your closets and get rid of the things you no longer have a use for. Time to give up habits that no longer serve you. Time to shed old opinions and see things in a new way. Time to lighten up!!!

Isn't he a little cutie? This is what I did to my husband today. He was sweet enough to pose so I could finally do the before and after I've always wanted to.

I've used a film made for my Polaroid SX-70 by The Impossible Project called TZ-Artistic Paul Giambarba Edition. I love the muted tones in this film. Here's another from that film pack.

If you want to see more photos taken with this film, go here. Also, I am shooting this pack of film with a beautiful Polaroid SX-70 camera that I intend to sell in my new photography shop, as part of the grand opening in May. I have three of these lovelies and I need to lighten up. So stay tuned.....

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