Three Sisters

These three showed up this week after I watched Grey Gardens on HBO last weekend. I can't wait to see the real Edies in the original documentary. Anyway, I guess they stuck in my mind because these three photos remind me of them. These will be available in my Etsy shop soon.
Happy weekend!


Up Up and Away...

I've been so wanting to get away lately. I've taken tons of photos to play with this week. But as I sat down to work today, it made me so happy to go back to the shots I took from the plane on my trip to LA last year. They're a little Maxfield Parrish, don't you think? Ah, to fly away....

These will be available in my Etsy shop soon.


I've Been Blogged

Today I have had the great fortune to have been featured, with some other amazing Etsy artists, by Indie Fixx guest blogger, Wendy Oates-Larson, in her Best of Etsy post. Wow!

Wendy has her own blog, Evidently and is apparently a Twitter addict. Thank you, Wendy!

Find the above print in my shop, here.