Typewriter Painting

Last week we had the luxury of spending every day "funkifying" our house!  We painted and painted and painted and it was SO MUCH FUN.  While we still aren't finished (one project almost always leads to another), our house is becoming more of a reflection of our family - which is a LOT less monochromatic and a LOT more colorful.  So I thought I'd share a few projects that may inspire you to funkify your own house.  Or at least add some color.

The first project was to paint one of my three typewriters.  I have a portable Remington Quiet Riter (which may be a future project), a beautiful black 1930's Royal (that I'm not touching - perfect as is), and this one.  Could use a little brightening up, don't you think?

Behold, the Royal HH, cir. 1954, that I bought at an Estate Sale a few years ago.

First thing, use blue tape and painter's plastic to protect the delicate innards of the beast.  I wanted to be able to use this typewriter (you can still find ribbon for it!), so I completely covered the carriage (that's the part with the roller on it.)

I sprayed the whole thing with spray paint I picked up from the hardware store.  I just love this turquoise color.  Very fifties, don't you think?

Uh, oh!  This is what happens when you hold the spray paint can too close to the typewriter.  Also, I didn't move around the machine enough when I was spraying.

No worries!  Just let the paint dry, then go over it with some fine sandpaper.  My husband is a spray paint expert, so I'm letting him do the sanding.

This is how far you should hold that can.  That's about a foot away!  And keep it moving so there won't be any ugly drips.

Ta Daa!  Wait, I really didn't like that big brown patch in the middle.  I decided to paint that part too - very carefully!

I did some taping with the blue tape and trimmed some off with an Exacto knife.  I also taped the heck out of those beautiful green keys.

That's better!  Here she is in her home.

And here's her first glamour shot!  What a beauty!
If you have an old typewriter, you may consider painting it.  If you have any questions about your typewriter, here's a webpage that will answer some of them - including where to find replacement ribbons.  The paint I used for my typewriter was Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x in Lagoon.  The blue tape I was referring to is Scotch Blue Painter's Tape.  You can find it and the spray paint at any hardware store.