New Collage Painting

Well, here she is. She's been trying to get out of my head for a while now. This is how she started out in my sketchbook:
She was in a dream I had before and last night she brought some friends! I can't wait to get them down on paper.



Beautiful lambs at the Fort Worth Stock Show this weekend. I could have taken pictures all day. I watched love and care that was put into these beautiful animals. Inspiring.


Some friends I made while visiting the Fort Worth Stock Show. Each had her own personality.


My Studio

This is where I do most of my work. I call it my studio, but its also the office. Both left and right sides of the brain fire in this place. Its my favorite place to be right now.


New Year New Cards

New cards posted in our Etsy Shop! I decided to include some other photos as cards. Should I also post them in the Photography section on Etsy? The bubble card is a manipulated version of a photo I posted last November. So is the Black Leaves card. Wouldn't the bubbles be nice as wallpaper?


Holiday Wishes

The mountains were so beautiful this Christmas. Lots of snow, lots of animals, two trips to Taos and my favorite bookstore. Here are some photos.

This is the house.

Deer came up to see us.

This is my favorite seat in the house. I could sit here all day.

A New Year's Day walk in the fresh snow.

My cutie and I rest in the snow. He always leaves a big impression. (sorry)

My favorite bookstore. Moby Dickens in Taos, NM. I never walk out empty handed because I always find something interesting there. They have a GREAT art section. And Ruby is a sweet bookstore kitty.

And my snowangel.

So now the Christmas decorations are down, my cup is filled with inspiration and I'm ready to make some things. Where to start????