High Speed Chase

You better not run in Indiana. They will chase you down. And in a 1965 Ford Galaxie, they'll catch you! You definately don't want THAT to happen.
Can you guess who the man is driving the speeding red 65 Galaxie?
These will be available in my Etsy shop soon. I just can't stop playing with these cars long enough to list the photos. ;)


Alabama Speed Trap

I just about fell over this weekend when my husband suggested we stop by the toy store to see what kind of cars they had and I FOUND the 1971 Alabama State Police Javeline!!! I couldn't wait to get outside and play with it!! One of these will be available in my Etsy shop, as soon as I figure out which one is "shop-worthy". Any suggestions????
I have a couple more new photos on my Flickr.


Here Come de Fuzz!

This is a 1971 AMC Javelin AMX diecast. LOVE the paint and the Corvette-like fender humps on this car. I'm still looking for a State Trooper diecast - from the sixties or seventies would be ideal. But I am getting closer. As fate would have it, the AMC Javelin was the first pony car ever to be used by any U.S. police force. The Alabama State Troopers per the pioneers on that front. They chased criminals in this beauty from 1971 to 1979. Take a look at the diecast of that sweet cop car:

(Dear Santa......)

The photo of the purple Javelin is available in my Etsy shop. Find out more about the AMC Javelin here. To see a picture of a REAL Alabama State Trooper posing next to his ride, click here. Isn't that little hat cute?


Here Come da Judge

Now here's a true muscle car: a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge! Some say it's the first muscle car, but I disagree.

Did you know that GTO stands for "Gran Turismo Omologato" which was taken from the legendary Ferrari GTO (Ferrari wasn't very happy about that)? And did you know that the Judge was named after Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Here Comes the Judge" skit on Laugh In? No wonder I couldn't stop saying it when I was shooting this little hottie. Check it out!

More about the history of the Pontiac GTO here. This photo is also available in my Etsy shop.


Mom's Ice Cream

This is my mother, circa 1976, as she was photographed by one of the great loves in her life, Ivan White. He was a Navy pilot, artist and photographer and they were crazy about each other. After they married, we moved to Saudi Arabia for three years while he worked for Saudia Airlines.

Today would have been her 68th birthday. She passed away from a rare blood disease about 5 years ago. Since her death, for some crazy reason, I've felt closer to her than ever. Perhaps this is because I've been slowly going through her recipe box, attempting to remake some of the things she made for me and my brother and sister as we were growing up. I have some very happy memories that took place over a plate or bowl of my mother's wonderful cooking.

One of her best recipes is her Homemade Ice Cream recipe. She made this for us when we lived in Saudi Arabia (as noted on the back of the recipe card). We three kids had to hand crank that dang ice cream maker for what seemed like HOURS. We HAD hours to crank that thing because there wasn't any television on the compounds back then.

I love making this for my kiddo. He goes bananas for it, too! I can feel his grandmother around us when we dig into a big bowl of creamy yumminess. And today, I make it with an electric ice cream maker (yay). It isn't as tiring, but the wait just about kills my son!

In honor of my mother's birthday and what a fabulous cook she was, I'm sharing her recipe with you. Its really easy to make: if I can do it, anyone can do it.

If you want a little something in your vanilla ice cream, add it to the maker about half way through the mixing time. This time we added M&M's.

Mom's Homemade Ice Cream (1 gallon)
1 quart milk
4 eggs
3-4 cups sugar
1 T. cornstarch
dash of salt
1 pint whipping cream
1 pint half & half
2 T. vanilla
In a large pan scald 1 qt. milk. Place in bowl 4 eggs, whip slightly. In another bowl combine 3 - 4 cups sugar, 1 T. cornstarch and salt. Add to egg mixture, slowly, stirring.
Pour scalded milk over egg mixture, slowly, stirring.
Put all back in pan and cook and stir until sticks to spoon. Let cool.
Add to cooled mixture 1 pint whipping cream, 1 pint half & half and 2 T. vanilla.
Follow the instructions for your ice cream maker and enjoy! :D


A Daily Walk

I've been mulling over a personal challenge for the past couple of days. Friday my husband took me to see Julie & Julia (or did I take him?). I enjoyed it SO MUCH. The two thoughts I walked away from the movie with were 1) I want Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking (as I'm sure everyone else in that theater did) and 2) like Julie, I need to give myself a personal challenge, because I tend to float around in my own head, lose direction very easily, put things off, make excuses and I need something right now. School is starting, the days will be getting shorter soon and my brain need something. Something that will push me somewhere.
So my idea is to go walking in my neighborhood (that's in suburbia, people) every day (side effect: lose some pounds) and shoot what I find. Every day. The point of the challenge is to keep my eyes open, keep shooting and to prove that, even in land locked suburbia, where all the houses are on a grid and seemingly nothing happens unless it's planned, beauty is abundant. I do know this to be true, but to find it every day would be challenging to me. Am I up to this challenge? Hmmmm....


Mommy's Been Playing With Cars Again

Yes, it's true. A quick trip to the toy store and I came out with a few new cars to add to my collection. I had forgotten how fun these are to do! Both are available in my Etsy shop. I'll definately be making more of these, so keep an eye out! (See some other shots on my Flickr.)

I think I need to put up a shelf for all my diecasts so I can see them all the time!



I am so excited about my recent purchase on Etsy! I've been a fan of Elsa Mora's since my husband and I first found Etsy about two years ago. Wow, has she blossomed. She is a true inspiration to me. Last week I was reading her blog about personal style, The Hidden Seed, and she announced the completion of her tiny original hand drawn illustrations that she has made into pendants. I couldn't take my eyes off of this particular one. Isn't it cute? The little kitty reminds me so much of my dearly beloved little Rumpuscat!
There are so many to choose from, but they're going fast. Click here to see them in her shop!



These were found on my morning walk. I'm thrilled to know they thrive close to me! I've loved these seed pods since I was in college, only able to see them in books. They are absolutely more beautiful in person. This is the seed pod of the Honesty plant (Lunaria biennis), also called the Money Plant. If I had any sort of a green thumb, I'd try to sprout these seeds. Such a treasure!