New Cards

Seed Pod Card

I've been having fun with PhotoShop this morning. There are now two new cards in my Etsy shop and a print. I can still smell that magnolia blossom. I love spring....


Botanic Gardens

Some things I saw at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens this weekend. See more at my Flickr. Happy Monday.

Front Page! YAY!

Yay! My Rusty Trunk photo made the front page on Etsy in cricketapollo's beautiful treasury! Thanks so much, cricketapollo. What a wonderful way to END a weekend!


My Card on Mixed Plate

YAY!! My Lets Ride Bikes card has been featured on Mixed Plate!! How exciting is THAT! Its a super-cool blog. And look at all the neat-o items surrounding my card. Wow! What a great way to begin the weekend. Thanks so much, Liana. Aloha!


Have You Seen This??

Tyler Stout! As much as I absolutely LOVE Flight of the Conchords, I am blown away by the illustrations. I admit to downloading this album from iTunes, but DANG. What a mistake! I'm heading out to buy this little treasure, so I can hold it all in my hands. Here's the little poster that comes inside this gem.

(Illustrations by Tyler Stout, Art direction by Jeff Kleinsmith and Dusty Summers, Design by Jeff Kleinsmith.)

Tyler Stout's website is dense with a mini blog, portfolio, and a STORE! You can buy posters, illustrations and even TOYS. I've got my eye on this beautiful poster, which is available for sale "later this week":



Good Words

"We need a renaissance of wonder. We need to renew, in our hearts and in our souls, the deathless dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is miracle and magic."
E. Merrill Root