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This month I am having a Sale in my Etsy shop.  This offer, buy one print get one print free, applies to EVERY PRINT and EVERY SIZE!  Your free print will be the same size as the print you purchased.

What a great deal, right?



Happy Father's Day

This is my favorite picture of my husband with our son.  I just love watching them together.  We have one lucky little boy.

If you like a good story, you might like this.  Oh, and this is great, too.

Happy Father's Day.


Old Time Music Love

Last night my cutie and I snuck away to Dallas to The Granada to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  They were so fantastic I can't stop humming and dancing barefoot in the grass.  Here's a peek.

And another:

And another:

And if you can't get enough, here's their website.

Can you tell I'm in love?  Some music just hits me to the bone.  It takes me back to the Summers of my childhood spent in the Tennessee countryside catching fireflies, chasing grasshoppers and making mazes in the tall grass with my brother and sister.  And the long walk to the mailbox with my great aunt.  LOVE it.


8 mm Shenanegans

A couple weeks ago I happened upon an Estate Sale.  I wandered around the house and found nothing until I reached the cabinet below the bookshelves in the den.  And what did I find?  An 8 mm camera!  It's very cool looking so I decided to take it home with me.  I was just about to leave when a big metal box caught my eye (I kind of like old metal boxes because there's always something good inside - even if it's just "junk").  It was SO heavy.  So I opened it and BOOM a projector.  Beside it were three cans of film.  Beside that Quick Splice moving makers kit!  And beside THAT, an old coffee can full of, my guess, unused film.   And what did I find in the coat closet?  A SCREEN!  It was all priced WAY cheap, so I loaded up my arms and schlepped the whole thing to the cashier to be told my grand total was 40 bucks. Yay!

As soon as I got home I plugged in the projector and watched two of the reels.  They're from the late fifties, early sixties and most of the shots are of a couple and their little dog.  I got out my camera and shot a few pics of the film.  I love the quality of the film and the vintage look SO much.  The image above is cropped and I've added several layers to the image in Photoshop.  Below is just a pic without any fiddling with.

I can't wait to go through all of the films and make something.  Even if I just use these as layers for other things, I'm still SO excited about it.  All this inspiration and excitement for a mere 40 bucks!


Vintage Car Emblem Collages

They're finished and listed for sale in my shop!  I had them printed today at 12" x 12" each.  SO cool!  When You put all four together, they're really something!  Here they are.  Just click on the title to go to the listing:

I still can't believe I had all these!  Have a wonderful weekend! 


We Need Some Stinkin Badges!

Been spending all day working on this little ditty.  First, I was just curious as to how many of these badges I'd photographed over the past couple of years.  Then I just wanted to see them all with the same treatment.  THEN I just wanted to see what they all looked like together.  And THEN.....

Well, this is what happened.  Obsessive?  Maybe just a little.  But I kinda like it. ;)

I'm having this printed at the lab at 30" x 20".  If it turns out looking fab, I'm putting this bad boy in my shop!

Stay tuned....


My Heart Goes Out

Destin, Florida July 2009

I am so sad to hear that the oil spill has reached the beautiful beaches of Florida today.  I have been looking forward to visiting Destin with my family again this July.  We all were looking forward to the soft powdery beach, the gentle surf, and the rays we could spot just off the shore in the crystal clear water.  The beautiful emerald water.  I'm so sad for what this means to the wildlife that lives in and around this water.  And the businesses.  And the thousands of families that will most likely change their vacation plans.  Some of the families that we met last year had been coming to Destin year after year.

God, I hope we all learn something from this.