A Couple of Crazies

Just wanted to share with you my crazies, Jackson (the dog) and Frank (the cat). Jackson weighs about 9 lbs. and Frank weighs about 13 lbs. They do this at LEAST twice a day, usually before it's time to eat. Nobody ever gets hurt or runs away angry. At first we would force them to stop and I would scold Jackson for beating up on Frank. Then we realized that they both LIKE it! Crazy, huh?

If you can't see this, go here. Here's the address: http://www.flickr.com/photos/annadykema/4345872815/.

BTW, I shot this little scene on a tiny little camera I got for my birthday.

The Zumi Digital Camera (2.0)

Buy it at Photojojo

(LOVE them).

Happy Wednesday!!



I just can't wait to see Temple Grandin on HBO this weekend. She is an angel and an inspiration!

And here are some things I've been working on.

These were all taken at the Pate Museum of Transportation. Go here to find out more.


Something Beautiful

If you can't see this, go here.

After I saw this (thank you, Brandy), I couldn't get this song out of my head!!

(If you can't see this, you better go here.)

Vintage Airplane Love

Today I stumbled upon some photos I had taken back in March of last year at a wonderful place that my husband told me about. I remember that day because my son was beyond excited to see all the old planes, helecopters and boats outside. And of course, his mommy was excited about all the beautiful vintage cars stored inside the museum (no, I didn't get any good photos due to the - ehem - "bad lighting".
Well, imagine how disappointed I was to learn that the The Pate Museum of Transportation has been closed and dismantled. For some unknown reason, after the owner passed away, his heirs were not interested in keeping the museum open. I'm just glad I got to take my son atleast once. I wonder what happened to all those old cars......
To learn more about the closing of the Pate Museum of Transportation, go here.