Beach Vacation

I've been on a much needed breather on Anna Maria Island on the Florida gulf coast. What an amazing place: lush, low-key, not crowded and WARM. The beaches are so powdery. The Island is skinny, so there's a beach side and a bay side. Manatees hang out on the bay side, though I didn't see one. And every night there is a beautiful sunset on the beach side. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this while checking out TripAdvisor.com. No one I know has been there, so it was a shot in the dark. And what a lucky shot! We'll be back for sure.


Not So Secret Addiction

Okay, I can't hold it in any longer..... I am addicted to fashion. I LOVE clothes. Real people clothes, street clothes, vintage clothes. Some of my fondest memories are of my friends and I spending all day trying on vintage clothes at a WONDERFUL shop in Forreston, Texas called Bon Ton. They have a website, but it simply doesn't do them justice. You have to GO there to see what I mean. It is better than any chocolate shop, any bookstore, any jazz club....well, Barbara used to be a jazz singer so there you go. People come from everywhere because she has the best stash around. Movie people, theater people... I haven't been there in ages, but will return soon to rummage through all her treasures. Back then I used to forrage the men's section for gaberdine shirts from the forties to wear with my jeans or go directly to the women's to find curvey dresses from the fifties to wear to work. Sometimes I'd even find a pointy pair of pumps big enough for my feet (not too many size 8 girlies back then). Oh..... heaven......

I also love to spend time watching people and seeing what they wear. Northpark Center, in Dallas, is a really good place for this. I've spent hours (after visiting Antropologie, of course) watching people there.

On that note, I've just discovered a BRILLIANT blog, The Sartorialist, that does this for me in three cities: New York, Milan and Paris. All images in this post can be found on that blog. I am smitten...