Finished Card

The new card is finished and available in my Etsy shop. I hope this card inspires you to get off the couch and ride. It will make you happy!


Gocco Fun

Here's a little peek at the new card that will be added to my Etsy shop soon. Kind of groovy, huh? Is it finished yet?

Bicycle Love

This is it: one of my most prized possessions. I bought it a couple years ago and just recently had new (road) tires put on it and the rack in the back with detachable panniers so I can ride it to the grocery. I love this bicycle. I take it to the trails along the Trinity River and just ride and ride and ride. This is an Electra Hawaii cruiser. If you love bikes and want to see some WAY cool rides, check out the Electra website. I bought my bike from an independant bike shop in Fort Worth called Colonel's, the best bikeshop in Texas.


Vintage Heaven

I finally went to Bon Ton in Forreston!! It is the most amazing place. And so much better than I remembered. There really isn't any place like it on earth. Its not just a vintage shop, its a whole building! Downstairs you'll find John and his vintage books, records, fabric, lamps, art and more in the front. In the back is the children's vintage clothing. Upstairs is Barbara's unbelievable men's and women's clothing collection. Something from every decade. Hats, SHOES, bags, suits, dresses, jackets, evening gowns, gloves, scarves, ties, jewelry.... Barbara and John have a real jewel. No wonder people come from all over the country to visit. I can't wait to go back!


Warm Fuzzies

These are my furry babies. I've been learning about Photoshop lately and found some free "actions" to play with. I just couldn't resist making some fake polaroids of our pooches really quickly using these actions. I used a free action from Elusive Photography. This girl's photography is amazing and inspirational. You can find her photographs here.