Its Feeling Like Christmas!

We finally got down to business today and did some Christmas shopping. We bought a lot of things on Etsy. Here are some of our purchases:

This beautiful oil pot is from Cyrus the Potter. It was so hard to narrow it down to just one of his pieces. Isn't it gorgeous? If you check out his shop, you'll see what I mean.

From Yukyuk, Chandrea Collection No. 38 is the name of this little monster. He's one-of-a-kind and his face is hand painted. Again, it was hard to pick just one monster.

I'm SO excited about this awesome T-Shirt from 1Girl1Boy as I have had my eye on it since the summer time! I bought it in a larger size so I can admire it on my little cutie for a long time.

A Trip to the Pound

Its hard to believe that these beautiful dogs were at our local Animal Shelter. They are our babies now! Meet Jackson (top) and Eddie. Sweet, sweet babies. Adopting them was our Christmas present to ourselves this year. We found them through Petfinders. It's a wonderful website! And I'm so happy to have two new friends to share Christmas with.



I came out of the grocery store to find this beautiful old car parked right next to mine. What a wonderful surprise! The paint was peeling, the bumper was rusted, but I swear I've never seen anything more beautiful on four wheels. Something the elements did to this machine that no man could have ever dreamt to do. I love how time works on the things that we make. To me, it made this thing more beautiful than it could have ever been brand new.

I made a card from one of the photos I took of this car and I have it in our Etsy shop. If you're interested in cards made from other photos, let me know and I'll list them in the shop!


The Line-Up

Some 'paper dolls' or rather 'paper action figures' that my family and I made during a full day of cutting and pasting. They hang over our kitchen table. Someday they might all get wings and become ornaments on our Christmas tree...

A New Card is Born

I've posted a new Holiday card today on Etsy! I've had this drawing in my sketchbook for almost a month and I've finally gotten around to bringing it to life. I have a few more ornaments in there. Perhaps I'll do a series....


Playing Around with Photography

Some photos from the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. The photo of bubbles came from a puddle in the street outside my house. Beautiful bubbles....


My Cards

These are a few of the cards I have made recently. They are available in my Etsy Shop.

Today is always the beginning.

This is the first post on my new blog. This blog will be about what inspires me: art, design, color, nature. I've been called "Nature Girl" before, and though I live in the middle of the suburbs, I'm captivated by its magic on a daily basis. I hope to show you what I see and what I make. And I hope you find it useful.