New Photos


I've been in bed this week, thank you to strep throat that I caught from my husband. We TRIED to stay apart, but I guess we caved too soon. At any rate, bored with silly television (yes, there really is a show about celebrities without makeup) and not in the mood to read, I searched through some old photos and played with them. The TtV is available in my Etsy shop. More posts soon....


Truly Honored

I am so truly honored to be included in a Treasury with some really amazing photographers. These are Etsy photographers that I have admired and who have inspired me to learn more and more about photography. Here's a complete list of the photographers and links to their Etsy shops.
Be sure to check out each shop. There are some truly amazing things in each.
Thank you SOOOO much jjbackman! You've made my day!


The Whites

A new series of polaroids called "The Whites". More to come. These are available in my Etsy shop as 6 x 6 Prints. I'm thinking of also offering these images with some others in a set of cards. I'm having so much fun with my cameras. I'm wondering if I will ever put pen to paper again....


Playing with Polaroid

I've pulled my two Polaroid cameras out of the closet and played with them a little over the past few days. Here's a sampling. You can see more on my Flickr.

Also, I've found an AMAZING blog project that I plan to check every day. It's called the Noticing Project. Each day, two friends and artists, Alicia Alferman and Heather Smith Jones, post a photo each. They decided to do the project together when they discovered that they noticed similar things on the same day, photographed them and posted them on their Flickr's. The blog is both beautiful and educational. I particularly appreciate how they each tell a story without including all of their subject matter in the frame.