No, I Haven't Died - Not Really

I know. I've been absent a long long long time. I suppose you could say I've gone into hibernation. I've been keeping company with some very interesting characters and a heroine I just adore. I've been going to bed early almost every night since Christmas so I can escape to the mysterious, hilarious, and FUN world Charlaine Harris has created in her Sookie Stackhouse series. Yes, these are the books that the HBO series, True Blood, is based on.

These books are fantastic! So far there are 8 books in the series with another due to be published May 2009. I just finished the fourth titled "Dead to the World" and tonight I'll dive into "Dead as a Doornail." The series on HBO is devine and I was a little disappointed I'd have to wait until this Summer to get my weekly Sunday evening dose. But the books are just as good!

Check out the covers of these paperbacks!

The illustrator is Lisa Desimini, who also wrote and illustrated one of my favorite children's books (among many others) called "Trick or Treat, SMELL MY FEET!" which we just read to our son this past Halloween. All the illustrations are made from torn paper. Its a truly beautiful book AND funny!

Check out Lisa Desimini's other work at her website HERE. You'll also find that she sells prints of the covers from the Sookie Stackhouse books: YIPEE!!