A Daily Walk

I've been mulling over a personal challenge for the past couple of days. Friday my husband took me to see Julie & Julia (or did I take him?). I enjoyed it SO MUCH. The two thoughts I walked away from the movie with were 1) I want Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking (as I'm sure everyone else in that theater did) and 2) like Julie, I need to give myself a personal challenge, because I tend to float around in my own head, lose direction very easily, put things off, make excuses and I need something right now. School is starting, the days will be getting shorter soon and my brain need something. Something that will push me somewhere.
So my idea is to go walking in my neighborhood (that's in suburbia, people) every day (side effect: lose some pounds) and shoot what I find. Every day. The point of the challenge is to keep my eyes open, keep shooting and to prove that, even in land locked suburbia, where all the houses are on a grid and seemingly nothing happens unless it's planned, beauty is abundant. I do know this to be true, but to find it every day would be challenging to me. Am I up to this challenge? Hmmmm....

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