Here Come de Fuzz!

This is a 1971 AMC Javelin AMX diecast. LOVE the paint and the Corvette-like fender humps on this car. I'm still looking for a State Trooper diecast - from the sixties or seventies would be ideal. But I am getting closer. As fate would have it, the AMC Javelin was the first pony car ever to be used by any U.S. police force. The Alabama State Troopers per the pioneers on that front. They chased criminals in this beauty from 1971 to 1979. Take a look at the diecast of that sweet cop car:

(Dear Santa......)

The photo of the purple Javelin is available in my Etsy shop. Find out more about the AMC Javelin here. To see a picture of a REAL Alabama State Trooper posing next to his ride, click here. Isn't that little hat cute?

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