The Subway Is So Beautiful

I really do wish we had a subway system where I live. I think people would be much happier if we did.
Here in Texas, we drive around in our SUV's getting from A to B quickly and comfortably (thank goodness for air conditioning!). Sometimes we tailgate because the freak in front of us just isn't quick enough for our schedule. Or we yell obscenities at the jacka** that just cut us off who thinks his time (or life) is more important than ours. We listen to our music, talk on the phone, eat fast food from the drive through, all in our little capsules, separated from other people. Its sad, really.
On the subway, your life can't be bigger than everyone else's. It puts you right where you are - one among many. A human being. I just love that. Even when I was squished up against people that smelled funny. Even when the guy yelled at us because we didn't have any change to give him. Even when I was stared down by a young girl covered in tattoos who looked like she wanted to hit me. I love the subway.
(Spring Street Station wall tile)

(Spring Street Station wall tile)

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Des said...

I never understood the fascination people had with subways until I lived in a city where I took the subway all of the time. So I couldn't agree with you more. There is something really wonderful about travelling by subway and also by train.