Kandinsky at the Guggenheim NYC

Have you ever been driven to tears by art? That moment came for me while viewing the Kandinsky retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum last week. The show runs through January 13, 2010 and is a MUST SEE.
Sketch for "Composition II" 1909-10
I studied this painting ages ago in an Art History class at community college. Seeing this painting reminded me of how deeply I was affected by Kandinsky's ideas about apocalypse, renewal, and utopia and how he believed in the transformational powers of art. The retrospective begins with paintings from his horse and rider themes and continues through to his last paintings, most of which I've never seen.
Now seeing this show at a "regular museum" would be one thing, but making my way up the spiral of the Guggenheim (during its 50th anniversary) was almost too much. I can't express how beautiful the Guggenheim is. Every spot a person could stand holds a beautiful view of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece.
Go here to see my pathetic attempt to shoot pictures of this wonderful building (without a flash) and other photos I took while in New York City. An architectural photographer, I am not. But I did enjoy every second of this show.

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