Blue Moon Hotel NYC

When we decided to go to New York City for our anniversary earlier this month, we were a little worried that we'd end up staying in some giant hotel with ten million rooms, listening to endless sirens and horns all night, and coming home stressed out and tired. We're just not big giant hotel kind of people, no matter how "fancy". So after an exhausting search online and countless suggestions from friends and family, we finally settled on the Blue Moon Hotel located on Orchard Street between Broome and Delancy Streets in the oh-so-lovely Lower East Side. I found this little gem on Trip Advisor (they have never let me down) - it was listed as Number 38 of 418 hotels reviewed - not bad!

Intimate, cozy, quiet and well located - it was the perfect place for us. The hotel only has 22 rooms and was formerly a tenement building lovingly refurbished by a couple of artists who now run the place.

(view of the Williamsburg Bridge from our window)

As far as location, we couldn't have asked to be better situated. There are lots of interesting shops close by, like Wendy Mink Jewelry (love!) and Earnest Sewn (beautiful store), and yummy places to eat, like Katz's Deli ("I'll have what she's having") and Tre (delish and romantic). We also explored some vintage stores in the neighborhood that were ALL amazing and had a couple of slices of pizza (you can't go wrong no matter which pizza place you stop into). The Blue Moon is close to the Delancy Street Station and the Spring Street Station, where we took either the F train or the 6 train to get Uptown to the museums and Central Park. Also, from the hotel you can easily walk to China Town, Little Italy, and Soho.
I think we may have to spend a few vacations exploring New York City together now that we found the perfect place to stay!

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