I Like Me a Good Muscle Car Sometimes

Okay, so I have a thing for muscle cars. Maybe because I drove one in high school: A Poniac LaMans GT Custom S - uh, when it would start. It wasn't suped up or anything, it was just a V8 with rear wheel drive, fat tires and a lovely rumble once I got it out on the open road.

I'd forgotten about that big green machine until I saw Quentin Tarantino's Grind House movie, "Death Proof", a fine revenge film with a scary dude, lots of super cool cars and Zoe Bell (my hero) doing some awesome stunts on the hood of a Dodge Challenger (see some of that here). Once I saw that I had to see some of the car chase movies of the seventies that Mr. Tarantino mentions in the interviews on the DVD.

So last night my sweet husband brought home Vanishing Point. Made in 1971, the whole film is almost entirely made up of car chases! If you want a peek into the sevenies male psyche and see some beautiful landscape in the process, check it out. Oh, and that Dodge Challenger is super cool too.

Poniac Lamans GT Custom S Card

Ford Mustang Mach One Card

Super Nova Card

Dodge Challenger Card

Since I'm too chicken to strap myself onto the hood of a speeding car like Zoe, I decided to make some new cards instead. These are all available in my Etsy shop as single cards and a complete set of four cards. Keep an eye out for new muscle car cards. There are SO many more I'd like to make. Have you ever seen a Superbird?

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