Hunka Hunka

I'm NOT obsessed with the movie "Vanishing Point" or anything, I just really like the visuals: the landscape and this super freaky car plowing its way through it. Its just hitting a 'man-inside-machine-inside-nature' chord in me right now. And its bringing to mind a part in Kent Nerburn's book "Neither Wolf Nor Dog" where he describes riding in a big old car across a reservation; plowing across a giant field (no road or trail) that goes on into the horizon and the freedom he felt and the vastness of the land. Great book. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I'm going back through the movie to get a closer look at some details and imagine my shock when I see this man:

with the cool sideburns, the thick collar, the vest and the awesome watch, wearing THESE shoes:

See these shoes? Little tiny Keds! Little tiny white canvas "tennies"!

Boy have the times changed!

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