Goin' Junkin'

So this past Sunday was supposed to be one of the hottest days here, thus far (103!).  What do we decide to do? Go to the Flea Market at the Cattle Barn in Fort Worth, of course!  There's no air conditioning!  That's how much my husband, son and I LOVE goin' junkin', as my mother used to call it.

Still, we were not prepared for just how HOT it was inside - even though they did have giant fans blowing.  We only stayed 30 minutes and I didn't buy anything this time.  I just wondered around with my camera so I could share this with you.  I usually give my son $5 and he goes wild!  On this day he managed to buy two action figures.  He even haggled someone down from $3 to $2!!  That's my boy.

It was a little skimpy.  Who could blame anyone for not showing up. 

Vintage jars.
I just know there's something in here I need.  Oh Yeah!  Fake chicken leg!!

Vintage 1930's cast iron toy car.


All original vintage 1930's car with matching trailer.  LOVE!!  If I had the $600.00 cash in my pocket, I would have walked out with this thing.  I really SHOULD carry more cash!
She's looking over at my favorite room.  The room with the only air conditioner FULL of vintage snapshots.  I've posted many of my finds here.

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